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Electro Magnetic Fields and RayGuard

A Human Firewall for EMF's from Cell phones, towers and electric lines

City life is demanding in many ways- traffic, noise, and pollution. Now we find ourselves enveloped in a sea (click) of electrical currents of different magnitudes from cellular phones and towers to smart meters and more transformers throughout our cities. The electric grid is growing at a rate beyond civic benefit that needs (click) to be controlled.  Until the nation awakens to the problem and puts proper changes in place, it is important to know there are means of helping to reduce exposure by products that help lessen the impact.


Recently, Vitamin Express found a company whose products meet our standards of effectiveness for helping reduce and neutralize the body's exposure to these electrical influences. The name of the company is RayGuard from Germany. The products are actually made in Switzerland and one can find the company on-line. Our prices reflect our special way of always doing business- we discount the product price and reflect the conversion price from Euros to dollars. We are pleased to offer these wonderful products through Vitamin Express. We also offer package deals for these products.

A RayGuard Human Firewall creates an optimum resonance field and relieves the body through that -

Mote from Michael LeVesque, President, Vitamin Express

With major digestive issues and dramatic weight loss occurring the search sent me to measure EMF levels. Years ago in the Berkeley store, the Manager had complained of health problems. When it was suggested to explore the electrical fields, we found excessively high readings in the office. Sharing the same wall in another room of the building were all the electric meters for the entire building complex. Moving the office was our solution along with a three door cooler placed along the wall.

My exposure to electrical transformers, smart meters and now two cell towers placed in the immediate vicinity has evidently over loaded my system as I gradually experienced ill health, irritability, ringing in the ears, stress, diarrhea and weight loss. Walking through certain areas were hot spots that suddenly ignited a tingling feeling, ringing in the ears and rush to a restroom. Using a gaussmeter helped locate some of these areas with very high EMF readings, others were difficult to ascertain. It was necessary to have Pacific Gas and Electric remove smart meters from my home and business. It was not until using the RayGuard products that my health dramatically reversed, stabilized and continues improving. Sharing my personal story is not intended to diagnose or offer a cure only celebration in the fact to be normal once again.