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RayGuard and EMF's

A RayGuard Human Firewall creates an optimum resonance field and relieves the body through that -

RayGuard products safely absorb the technological scalar waves that accompany all harmful wireless modulated and pulsed EMF and Microwave frequencies.

These frequencies are contained in near field longitudinal waves. These are the waves that cause tissue, blood, genetic and cellular damage, and affect the parasympathetic nervous system.

This does not affect any of the Hertz frequencies which act as communication signals, wireless and data transfer.

RayGuard acts as a powerful antenna or receiver, attracting the scalar waves in a passive, safe manner. RayGuard’s enhanced attraction shields you from the scalar waves by drawing them into the coils. It is designed to be far more powerful than the biological receptors in the human body reducing the body’s need to process the scalar waves.

Each device housing is sealed using sonic frequencies to meld the plastic, so there are no seams and they are air tight. The housing is made out of high definition thermo-plastic. All the housings are very durable, BPA Free and break resistant. 

RayGuard products are Swiss made to high standards that require no maintenance and no replacement parts to break or wear out. 

Here are some videos to watch: RayChip, RayGuard General Information Part 1 , Part 2 , Part3 . Here is the latest movie on cell phone radiation - Mobilize.


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