The People at Vitamin Express, Inc.

A message from Vitamin Express President, Michael LeVesque:

  • "We want you to be satisfied, pleased and a return customer! So we decided to make shopping as personal and convenient as possible. When you call our store you get a person during store hours who quickly and pleasantly answers your questions and provides great service.
  • "We offer the finest supplements available. We search for excellent products, excellent products find us as well and we try them ourselves, look carefully at the ingredients and evaluate the company offering it.
  • "We are committed to health freedom. Health is our business, health is the wealth of a person.
  • "We discount our prices and provide products unique to the marketplace."
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Michael LeVesque is the President and CEO of Vitamin Express, Inc. Vitamin Express received the First Place award as the Best place to buy nutritional supplements and vitamins in the San Francisco Bay Area. It was awarded by the BayList through the San Francisco Chronicle and SFGATE and is a reflection of the excellent staff, customer service, selection and pricing maintained throughout the last 32 years.

Michael’s first health food store was in Cortez, Colorado in 1973- Cortez Health Food Center. In April 1982 Michael opened Vitamin Express in San Francisco, California with 12 shelves of supplements and herb teas. By 1996 Vitamin Express achieved the Bay Guardian's "Best Place to Buy Vitamins in the SF Bay Area".

As a child Michael had polio and except for his arms was paralyzed from the neck down. He received the Sister Kenny treatment and therefore had complete recovery without any crippling. Nevertheless, he experienced excruciating pain following any exercise. In 1971 he was introduced to calcium and magnesium powder which provided to his quick and complete relief from the pain.

That initiated Michael’s reading of nutrition and devout building of a library that contains complete publications of many health journals, periodicals, newsletters and studies, plus several hundred books on nutritional health.

Michael was in the US Peace Corps in Ethiopia and Eritrea from 1966 to 1968 teaching science and agriculture. Though his background is in the social sciences and music (Explorational Music TM 1983 – Journey to Titan), his focus has been on science and health. Initially Michael attended Colorado State University majoring in violin, then University of Colorado in economics, philosophy, history, classics, and political science. While in the Peace Corps he studied at Allemayu College of Agriculture and Haille Selassie the First University. Returning to the US he attended Hastings School of Law and San Francisco State University studying social psychology. He then attended University of Alberta, Canada. He has spent several years teaching English as a second language in South Tucson, Arizona,- Edmonton, Alberta, and at City College in San Francisco.

He is the author of The BIG Vitamin Dictionary, published under Great Highway Productions with a third edition due out in the future and a new volume titled, The BIG Natural Remedy Dictionary, and a new book entitled How to Double Your Life Span using nutrition, habitude, exercise and meditation.

Michael’s family has been a part of Vitamin Express along with wonderful, dedicated managers and staff. To email Michael, Click Here.

Teresa Manquen is the Administrative Manager and Payroll Specialist for Vitamin Express. She also manages the Mail Order Department and provides nutritional information to customers. She has been with Vitamin Express since 1988. She is especially interested in hard to find products, herbs, and overall family health.