ProViotic 24t

Proviotic 24t
MSRP $43.20

Article number: PP0001
  • Vegan - born on a flower and grown in juice
  • Stable at room temp. 77 F; No taste or artificial flavors
  • Organic; No Allergens, No GMO
  • Powerful and Scientifically proven
  • High Size adjusted CFU count of 5 bn. per serving

ProViotic proved to inhibit 100% a long list of harmful bacteria inculding H. pylori, Candida, E. coli, Salmonella t., Listeria m., P. aeruginosa, Streptocaucus aureus, E faecalis, E. facium without touching the good bacteria in the gut. This amazing L. Bulgaricus GLB44 is 6 to 10 times bigger in size than other probiotic bacteria and shelf stable up to 77 degrees Farenheit. There is no soy, no gluten, no lactose in the product – it is allergen free.

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