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Fresh Milky Wild Oat Seed +, Fresh St. John’s Wort Flowers +, Fresh Skullcap Herb +, Passion Flower Herb +, Hops Strobiles +, Fresh Lobelia Herb +, Fresh Pulsatilla Herb >, Grain Alcohol, Deionized Water 

FORMULA RATIO: 1:2.2 overall 

SERVING SIZE: 455 mg/ml (30 drops) 


Nervine (nerve soother and re-builder), Parasympathomimetic (decreases adrenaline, or fight or flight), Sedative (nervous system calmer), Analgesic (reduces pain) 


ZZZZZ is for those who tend to think too much, worry or simply cannot stop the internal mental wheels from turning. This results in insomnia at night and stress during the day. It is eventually exhausting. Some experience this turmoil in the quiet times of the day. This can be during meditation, alone time or at bedtime. This hyperactive thinking is helped with these herbs, which help to calm the mind through calming adrenaline (parasympathomimetic). Adrenaline can stimulate the mind into compulsive thinking of all that is problematic. Stronger sedatives like Valerian can make one feel too sedate and tired during the day and should be avoided, whereas these herbs calm and focus during the day. At night, ZZZZZ helps calm the mind and to let sleep overtake the mind and move one into a peaceful dream state. It is helpful for those who are exhausted, want to go to sleep, but their mind keeps them awake.

It is gentler than the Relax formula. If anxiety dominates, then Anxiet-Ease formula is ihelpful. These can also be combined. 


Pregnancy, Nursing  


Relax (pain, stress, insomnia)

Anxiet-Ease (anxiety, panic, trauma)

Kava Kava Root (stress, anxiety, pain)

Valerian Root (stronger sedative)

Musc-Skel (if muscle pain) 


General: 30-60 drops, 2-3 times per day or as needed in juice or water.

Insomnia: 30-60 drops, ½ hour before bedtime. Repeat dose every ½ hour until asleep. Can repeat if wake up in the middle of the night.   


Mildly bitter.

Formula may contain small amounts of herbal precipitate (small particles) due to strength of preparation. 


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