Cell phone warnings kept secret - What about wireless in schools?

Cell phone warnings kept secret - What about wireless in schools?

Cell phone warnings kept secret - What about wireless in schools?

Cell phone dangers are significant-- What about wireless in Schools?


The State of California Public Health Department kept warnings of cell phones secret. With 27 versions ranging from the initial statement in 2009 version (as ana example): "Do not allow children to use a cell phone, except for emergencies." A well established guideline in Europe, to the 2014 final version: "Parents may want to limit their child's phone use to texting, important calls and emergencies." That was never even published.


The guidelines remained hidden and ultimately abandoned except for the efforts of Joel Moskowitz, a public health researcher at the University of California, Berkeley, who sued the State to force the release of the records. Lawyers argued that release of the warnings could cause unnecessary panic. Moskowitz reply was, "The public has a right to this information paid for with their tax dollars."


Is it better to be harmed, passive and uninformed, or to know the dangers and precautions to protect one's health and to be preemptive? The answer is obvious. The large question is why was this suppressed and why so many versions that continually moved from warnings regarding issues such as brain cancer to the final watered down language -- "More research is needed before we know if using cell phones causes health effects." This statement has already been proven and the fine print on cell phone directions give explicit instructions regarding how close to have a cell phone to your body.


You can read the complete news report in the SF Chronicle 5/21/2017 appearing on May 21st, Sunday in the Bay Area section, front page and page 2.


Perhaps you remember recently the raging lawsuit San Francisco faced from the wireless industry lobbying organization CTIA, when SF Supervisors unanimously voted to have companies report the amount of radiation cell phone models produced so the public could know their risks. That law suit was dropped as reported when the city was threatened by the CTIA with financial burden so great and over so long a period in court that financial harm would result to the city. That shameful event joins a report from the Wall Street Journal showing the dramatic increase of cell phone towers not regulated by the government. Government's role is to protect society, not just special interest groups.


A more important and demanding issue is the EMF dangers for children in classrooms with wireless technology exposed throughout the day in our schools. Cancer clusters for teachers occurred in schools with wireless technology and the dangers to children is a serious problem that must be confronted and dealt with if we are to be a responsible society.


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