Kombucha by Lev

Kombucha by Lev

Kombucha by Lev

We have a new kegerator and are back to serving Kombucha on tap. Of course the brew is from Lev Kilun. He crafts and brews his heirloom kombucha in a military kitchen on Treasure Island in the the San Francisco Bay. He was the winner of the 2015 Good Food Award, a national celebration of foods across five regions of the country that are tasty, authentic, and responsibly produced.

Lev brews Kombucha from the world’s best whole leaf green tea. His Kombucha is 100% raw, low in sugar and loaded with beneficial amino-acids. He brews in small batches according to his old family recipe. Using modern technology and fermentation science his Kombucha is guaranteed 100% Probiotic.

Kombucha remains top on our list for something healthy, refreshing and enjoyable. It's an amazing beverage because it gives much of the sensation of a brewed effervescent beverage, not sweet, just tart enough to go with any snack or food. It doesn't overwhelm and comes in a large variety of hinted flavors- some stronger than others, and always pleasant! Presently we have Ginger Berry and Black Currant on tap. Also, from Lev in bottles we have Strawberry Mint and Watermelon Basil which reminds me of something...

...something new I tried with Lev's Watermelon Basil flavor, which by the way is delicious. I have a tub of Solgar's Whey to Go cross flow micro-filtered Chocolate whey protein powder on hand. Being experimental, tried adding one scoop of protein to a half glass of the Kombucha. What a treat! It mixed beautifully, foamed up and filled the glass with frothy cold effervescent chocolate smoothie like consistency with basil and kombucha overtones. Seems the Kombucha enjoyed it as much as I did!


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