LIVIONEX - LIVIONEX Livfree 1.7 oz. 4 Pump Pack

LIVIONEX Livfree  1.7 oz. 4 Pumps

Article number: LV0004

Quantity Discount! 4-pack LIVFREE Livionex Dental Gel at $73.25, comes in a sleek measured dose airless pump. It is color free. Three clicks of the pump deliver the exact amount you need for brushing.

A dental gel that works by preventing plaque from adhering to teeth giving you cleaner teeth than conventional toothpastes, without detergents or abrasives.

ingredients:  Aqua, Sulfonylbismethane, Edathamil, Stevia, Peppermint, FD&C Blue 1, Natural gums and stabilizers

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