RAYGUARD - RayGuard Swiss Pine Energy Plus

RayGuard Swiss pine energy plus - Zirben energy plus - 12.8 oz - plus 20ml of RayGuard Swiss Pine Oil and 1 pipette for refilling
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NEW from RayGuard! RayGuard Swiss pine energy plus is suitable for any type of room, office or therapy room. Excellent way to enhance the environment of a hotel or motel room.

Stationary protection of 16 foot radius range against electromagnetic radiation in the living, working and office areas.

  • computer, monitor, smartphone
  • cordless telephone (DECT), WLAN, Wi-Fi, 4g/LTE, etc.)
  • smart TV, smartphone, digital system
  • WLAN, Wi-Fi, 4g/LTE,
  • kitchen appliances, hair dryer, shaver
  • electrical wiring, transformers, and high voltage lines, hotspots
  • neighboring wireless
  • WIFI systems, cell towers, transmitting stations

RayGuard Swiss pine energy plus  - Zirben energy plus -  12.8 oz - plus 20ml of RayGuard 100% Swiss Pine Oil and 1 pipette for refilling. 16 foot protection range.

Handmade pine box that allows an infusion of Swiss pine oil (Pinus Cembre Alpes) to enhance aromatherapy as well as RayGuard's technology system for reducing exposure to electromagnetic fields.

  • is an enhancement for any bedroom or living room
  • is ideal for office, exhibition and meeting rooms.
  • creates a soothing effect in waiting rooms (doctors, therapists, lawyers).
  • has a calming effect on pets (dogs, cats).
RayGuard products absorb the technological scalar waves that accompany all harmful wireless signals. These are the waves that cause tissue, blood, genetic and cellular damage, and affect the parasympathetic nervous system. This does not affect any of the Hertz frequencies because that would degrade the actual communication signals.
RayGuard products safely attract and transmute all modulated and pulsed EMF and Microwave frequencies. These frequencies are contained in near field longitudinal waves. RayGuard acts as a more powerful antenna or receiver, attracting the waves in a passive, safe manner. In this way the human body is not as affected nor does it have to process these waves.
Each device is sealed using sonic frequencies. There are no seams and they are air tight. The housing is made out of high definition thermoplastic. All the housings are very durable, BPA Free and break resistant. They are Swiss made to the highest standards and manufactured to last requiring no maintenance and have no replacement parts to wear out or break.
Each type of device doubles the complexity and amount of the internal mechanisms. Pricing is scaled exactly to the proportionate sizes and amounts of rare materials needed in the manufacturing process and for additional and longer coils in the Mobile & Home devices. The larger devices have stronger absorption and wider protection range.
The inner coil, minerals and dispersion mechanisms are all center seated and float within the housings so to never touch the edges, allowing optimum heat/energy dissipation to occur. This feature makes them safe to wear, hold and keep close to or touch your body.

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