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The first Vitamin Express retail store opened in 1982 and closed in 2018 after 36 years. The website continues and was purchased in 2018 by Doug and Peggy  of Santa Cruz, California continuing continuing the tradition of excellent service to customers. VitaminExpress.com was one of the first vitamin stores to be on the internet. Always - past, present and future - committed to superior quality, exceptional products, and discounted prices and fantastic personal service.

A message from Vitamin Express:

  • Products offered here are special; they prove themselves by giving results that benefit health.
  • Help and personalized service is essential. Feel free to contact us.
  • Stay up to date with our informative newsletter which you can sign up for at the bottom of our Home Page.
  • A link to our history through pictures and narrative. There’s a timeline at the top of the page that you can click on for different time periods.


What our customers say...


  • I just wanted to say what excellent service you have! My husband and I ran out of our Ola Loa and didn't get a chance to come to your store over the weekend. We ordered them from your website on Sunday night and they were delivered today! We are so excited, because we can't go without our Ola Loa vitamins even for one day! My husband is taking 2 to 3 of the pink energy ones and 1 sport one a day! He is hooked (which is why we go through them so quickly). Thank you so much! - Molly
  • I thought I'd let you know that the order you sent on Friday 20 February arrived this morning at 8.45 GMT - I can't remember how many hours you are behind us. Now that's what I call good service! Thanks again, - Astrid H., Basingstoke, UK
  • Just writing to tell you how impressed I have been over the past 2 years with your on-line order process. Without exception, my order arrives on the east coast 3-4 days after placing it via your website.....no mistakes, no delays, no excuses, a fair S&H charge and a very competitive price. Thanks for the great service!! - Regards, Charles A.
  • Hello, I am writing to tell you how impressed and pleased I am with your great prices and super fast service! I ordered Monday night from NC and my purchase arrived mid-day Thursday. I am anxious to try this new product and will definitely purchase from you again. Thank you. - Lynn K., Raleigh, North Carolina
  • I've enjoyed the three products so far. The Melatonin has "cured " my sleeplessness. The Choline & DMAE are great pick me ups, and long lasting mood enhancers, because I'm so "Awake". I'm looking forward to my next order. Thanks Vitamin Express! - Jindra P., Australia
  • Thanks for working with me on this purchase, I appreciate your timely professional service. - Bill B., MSgt, USAF, Guam
  • I have received the order this morning, in perfect condition. I shall be keeping in touch with Vitamin Express on a regular basis. Hope you do not mind. Thanks & regards, - Harish R., Singapore
  • Thank you so much for your help and service. Yes - I would like to be on your email list. Thanks again. - Bill O., California
  • I often check your site when I'm shopping for supplements. Thanks so much for posting Ray Peat's work on your site. You're doing a great service! - Ann W., California
  • Great site! Very informative, interesting, and easy to load. Also, I was in your San Francisco store for the first time yesterday - such helpful staff there! Great selection and prices. I'm coming back next week to get some Progest cream and Zia makeup. - Anna C., San Francisco, California
  • Thanks for the great newsletter. Vitamin Express is the best health store I've been to (I go to the one in Berkeley, great staff). I'm moving to the L.A. area soon (yuck) so am glad I'll be able to order things online. Not sure anything can save me from that much smog though.... Thanks again for the high quality stores & great prices! - Caroline M., Berkeley/LA, California
  • Thanks for your email, and service. I have been looking all over San Diego county for several months for a particular product I bought a couple years ago at a health foods place. They no longer carry it. FINALLY, it dawned on me Friday to surf the net for the product, and there was your company at the top of the choices. Thanks for making this available to me. - Karen P., El Cajon, California
  • I really like your site. Information and good prices. I doubt I will search the net further for other places to shop...unless you don't have what I need. - Ghina S., Columbia, Maryland
  • You people are really on the ball and I truly appreciate it very much. The day I sent in my order and said I couldn't find the primrose oil one of your staff called me and told me where to find it and also gave me information about the different kinds you carry and I ended up adding to my order. Very impressive. Keep up the good work and you now have a new customer in sunny Florida. I will be telling my family and friends about you too! Thanks, - Dutchi R., Jacksonville, Florida
  • I placed an order around noon on Wednesday, receiving lots of good answers to my questions. I was told the order would be shipped within 24 hours and it would take 4 days (4 business days, I assumed). I was running out of Endocreme and prepared myself not to count on receiving the order until next Wednesday.  Sure was pleased to see the UPS truck pull up today, Friday, only 2 days later! Thanks much! - Pat H., Bend, Oregon
  • I love it! I bookmarked it and will return when ever I get the chance. - Dan W., SoCal
  • I wish to thank you for the good service and the prompt delivery in handling my order. It has taken me over ten years to find Organic Germanium and it is a pleasure knowing that it is being supplied by such a reliable company. I look forward to ordering from you in the future. - Truly satisfied, Jerome M.
  • Thank you for the excellent article on Herbs vs. Pharmaceuticals [December 98 Newsletter]. I found that it contained compelling reasons why we should all be considering daily use of herbs and avoiding drugs. - Mary Ann O., South Carolina
  • Excellent website, with very good prices....Also very thorough information regarding the different nutrients, herbs, hormones, etc....I really appreciate this site and have learned immensely from it....thanks so much for offering it to us... - Bonnie S., Michigan
  • Thanks for your email ... I am delighted to find a place that is responsive and the prices are great!!! - Best, Gay K., Florida
  • I want to tell you that I appreciate the articles that you have on your site.   Having read Dr. Lee's book a few years ago it was a nice reminder of the importance of progesterone.  The article on pregnenolone was one that I had to print.   Thank you, your site has been bookmarked and now I have some information on colostrum that my daughter had been wondering about.  Your prices seem to be very competitive also. - Thanks, Mary M., Michigan
  • I like this web site, as personally I believe that this provides much information about different concepts of health-related matter.  Further, the language here is so simple to understand even for non-medical persons. - Thanks, Bhaktish T., Ahmedabad
  • I think your Web Site is well designed, uncluttered, appealing in its colors, nice.  Glad you had Enada, which I was seeking. - Julie H., Wisconsin
  • This is the first time I have ordered anything over the internet. Your site is very well put together and easy to use. Thank you. - Angela M., Louisiana
  • I was really pleased to find so much abc info on your web site.  I believe that knowledge is the power that supports choice.  Thank you for your info.  It is much appreciated. - Tessa T., North Carolina
  • Your philosophy and approach to providing the best available health supplements and information to the public is refreshing and appreciated.  It would be great to be able to have a personalized order page so that the customer can submit to a regular list of orders or just add to it throughout the month before submitting the final order.   Thank You. - Marianne H., Texas
  • Wow, you guys are GOOD!  I just placed my order mid-afternoon on Thursday, and y'all got it shipped out the same day and I got it today (Saturday).  Now that's service.  Thanks so much!! - Stephanie H., Texas  [Editor's note: Orders received after 1 PM usually ship the next business day.]
  • BTW, you all are great. I have ordered many times and have always been very happy with selection, service, pricing, everything!  Thanks, - Steve N., Florida

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