Privacy Notice

Privacy Notice

1. Privacy
We do not collect information from or about anyone who browses our web site. When a visitor signs up for our email newsletter, they only provide their email address. We do not use these email addresses for any purpose besides occasional email newsletters and updates, and every email newsletter and/or update contains instructions on how to easily unsubscribe. We do not and will not give away, rent, sell, or otherwise make available email addresses to any third party.

When someone uses our online shopping cart, their billing and shipping information is transmitted via secure socket encryption to a secure server. This information is entered into our point-of-sale program for order processing by qualified and authorized store personnel only. We do not use this protected information for any other purpose. We do not and will not give away, rent, sell, or otherwise make available this information to any third party.

Customers may call, write, or email to review and correct their personal information, or to request that we delete the information. We will need to verify identity first. Should they order again, their information will automatically be entered into our system, secured as stated above.

We do not collect any health-related personal information.

2. Advertising
Our web site carries no banner advertisements. Occasionally we may feature information about the history and products of a particular vendor. We may obtain temporary pricing advantage in return, which will then be reflected in our prices for that company's products. We believe this works to the advantage of all parties, including first and foremost our customers.

3. Quality of Products
The products we sell have demonstrated their safety when taken as directed. They are intended to provide nutritional support for the structure and function of the body, and any information associated with a product is for the purpose of education only, not to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Any purchasing decisions our customers make are their responsibility alone, and all health programs should be undertaken with the assistance or under the supervision of a qualified healthcare provider.

4. Quality of Health Information Content
We feature product information gathered from labels, all kinds of studies, and anecdotal reports we believe to be from reliable sources. We offer health information we believe to be from reliable sources, including ourselves. The information is for the purpose of education only, and not as a guide to the diagnosis or treatment of a particular disorder or its symptoms.

We will not deliberately provide false or misleading information. We believe in our products, based on decades of observation. Where we reproduce health information content created by third parties, we will clearly disclose the author and/or source of the material and the date of the material or its last update, when available. Where we present health information content as the result of clinical experience or scholarly research, we will clearly disclose the actual author(s) of the health information content.

5. Ownership
Vitamin Express, Inc., is privately-owned.

6. Disclaimer
Nutrition and health information is provided with the understanding that you accept complete responsibility for your own health and well being. Each of us has a unique body, and the action of every nutritional supplement is unique. Health care is full of variables. The result of using any product cannot always be anticipated and never guaranteed. Vitamin Express's shareholders, management, and employees are not responsible for any adverse effects or consequences resulting from the use of products purchased here.

Online nutrition and health information cannot replace a health professional-patient relationship. Consumers should always consult with a health professional for diagnosis and treatment of their specific health problems.

Content of our web site is for the purpose of information and education only, and not as a guide to the diagnosis or treatment of a particular disorder or its symptoms.

7. Cookies

This website uses cookies to manage authentication, navigation, and other functions. By using our website, you agree that we can place these types of cookies on your device.

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