The Enzyme Company - Beauty Med G.P. 200t

Beauty Med G.P. 200t
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Article number: EZ0001
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Beauty Med's active ingrdient is made from specially developed organically grown wheat sprouts. Over a quart of sprouts is used to make each tablet. Our unique moisture removal process preserves active nutritional factors. These sprouts have been shown to remarkably enhance the body's production of glutathione peroxidases and actalases in a unique prometabolic profile. Contains no yest, gluten, sugar or starch. Enteric coating derived from wheat.

one tablet provides:
wheat sprouts 750mg
Glycine sprouts 10mg

Shelf life 5 years.

First 2 weeks, take 10 tablets upon rising, 5 tablets at noon, 5 tablets before dinner, and 5 tablets before going to bed. Always take tablets at least 30 minutes before eating.
Thereafter: take 1 to 5 or more tablets per day or as directed by your health car practitioner. It is important that you drink 8 glasses of pure water daily. Results are nutritional only.


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